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Welcome the new Captaincy

26th January 2011

The Old Codger

I had the pleasure to head the Moos out the other evening. I’m not going into detail in all that old tat, as I’m going to dedicate this report to an OLD CODGER.

Russ-Russell Ludlow Jar Jar Binks

RussJar Jar

We have an ‘Old Codger’ in our midst. This ‘Old Codger’, was born 23/01/1961, making him the first 50 year old in Machen Miggly Moos mountain bike club.

So to all you young whipper snappers out there have a bit more respect for the older statesmen.

Remember he’s got to 50, you lot haven’t ....................So................ be patient with your elder statesman , he’s getting a little bit deaf now, so just scream or shout at him would be my advice!!

Give him space when he shouts, “Rider coming through!”

When he has a mechanical, don’t just stand there, fix it for him!

When he’s climbing a steep climb, and you lot are passing...........Give him a hug and tell him, “The top is just around the corner”...............
There’s no need to shout abuse such as,

“Hello Grandad".

"Old Fella".

“Get out of the way you old Fart”.

“There’s a smell of old man’s p*ss around here”.

“Can you still get it up”?

“When was the last time you had it? “

"Do you still have, 'Morning Glory'?"

So Russ, hope you have another 50 years of riding, with loads more abuse from those weirdo’s called the Moos.....................

Short and Sweet, Mr Scripps.

P.S. Next week’s ride taken by: orrible Ant

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