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Russ' Revelations

28th September 2011


LOCATION: Latitude: 51.6986 Longitude: -3.1394, Northern Hemisphere AKA: MACHEN LEGION!


South Easterly winds blowing at 6mph
Surface Temperature 17 Degress C
Relative Humidity 95%
0% Cloud Base
Visibility 20000m+
Freezing point @ 12385ft Pressure Altitude

Perfect conditions for the 26 moos in attendance!

Chocks away at 18:50hrs and proceeded up towards Crocks digs and past his beefy XR3i! All throttles at 100% capacity up to the first fire track in the Woods with No Name! Quick gather stop and then a half mile westerly press and a prompt departure from the fire track South down Barren Lands, dry and rocky so 2 pinch flats later and we proceeded South onto the second part of Barren Lands, which I must say was running extremely dry and fast, quick jump over the stream and then there were signs of us needing refueling, low and behold the Hollybush was there ready to serve and pump out flat ale.

19:35hrs chocks away again and fast pace up towards Rudry Mountain, this time it was me who had a flat, proceeding to ride literally on the front rim past some roadies with all the gear…. Quick stop with Newbs to add a little air in my front tyre, the roadies shot past us muttering something, tw*ts! Anyway the herd gathered in Rudry Mountain carpark and low and behold new chap Gary ‘Puncture’ Barlow had another flat, good to see you aint breaking the mold for a ‘Flat A Ride award’! Round the Western Face and to the peak of the mountain to meet up with Phil Howells and a nice fast North Face descent, when Crock decided to go for a little sheep sh*t and mud bath, only off of the ride! All Autopilots descended on the ILS into the Monty in Rudry Village for some much needed refreshments.

Time: Unknown (very dark). Proceeded up past the Maenth sharp left back up to the Woods with No Name, quick blast along the single track which brings us out at the top of Carling Tree, up towards the Garlic runs, no Garlic today as our food at the T.A was proceeding to drop towards freezing point! Fast blast down the fire track back to the T.A, little change from the norm tonight, Pizza and the legendry Hot Chilli Sauce! “Monsieur, with these Rocher, you're really spoiling us”

Peace in da hood, stay off the crack


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