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Welcome the new Captaincy

28th January 2011


This is it..!! My final report for 2011.

Here it goes…

A year ago now I received my jersey (well half a jersey) which had been a long time coming. Then that same night also handed the role of the Vice Captaincy! It was a job that I thought that probably should have been handed to someone who has been part of the club a lot longer than myself, but I was told that once you’re voted in, that’s that, so I was stuffed!

The year has been a bit of a rollercoaster with one thing and another.. some lows but I’d like to think that there were also plenty of highs.

Not wanting to relish on the sordid details, our Captain Daf handed in the captaincy after 4 months, which was a sad day for Daf and also the club. Daf did a great job for the time that he was Captain and full credit must go out to him from us all for the time and effort that he put in for the months that he was present.

The year has seen a selection of new faces join the club which has been good to see. Some of these new faces were only present for a few week or two and then disappeared. Do you remember that one bloke we nicknamed Kami? He went off the side of Machen tips like Eddy the Eagle and didn’t put his brakes on! He finished by hitting the wall at the bottom and damaging his spleen! Never to be seen again…crazy! Then there was Gary the tyre! He turned up in June with a Hiking jacket on. I did try to warn him that he may over heat, but my words were ignored. (Well that was until Steve Hart took us straight to the top of the mountain via Lewis street). He had about 15 punctures in 2 rides and had so much abuse we have never seen him again since!

But not all newcomers this year were 2 minute wonders. We have had a few great finds in Captain Carless, Miles “sniffer dog” Saunders, Johnny Pitman and Rich Baxter. All have fitted in very well to the crazy weekly antics of Migglymooism and are now all valued members of the club.

But whilst gaining these valued new members in 2011, we seemed to lose a few old friends from the club, which hopefully in 2012 we will see return. Slug and Pellet, Roger Farquar, Bernie, Big Mike, Breadarms, Jesus, Sam, Enzo, Knotty, Jonny Wright and Dickie Watkins have not been seen for months or if at all this year, so hopefully 2012 will see them return to the club, as they have been noticeably missed in 2011.

My highlights from the year must start with the Mr and Mrs night that we put together in Feb. A superb laugh for all involved. Best memory of the night was Jonny Wright having to release some very personal details about his wife in front of his father in law… who just happened to be in the pub that night. Thanks to all the wives who helped me make the night a success by letting us film them for the event.

Next was the comedy night that was very well supported by the club members and half of Machen and Rudry. 150 tickets were sold and the night was a screaming success. Thanks again to Daf and also Option for his superb “Best of Video” that he made for that evening.

Juliet’s leaving bash was another night to remember. Reg Pitman was labelled “GOD” that night for his superb one liners. When GOD speaks we listen lads! Plus does anyone remember Billy the Willy Evans that night pole vaulting around the pub? Hilarious!!

The summer trip to Symonds Yat was another catalogue of funny stories which only a few can be repeated. A great trip with a great turnout (30 riders), which I believe is close on a record for a summer trip. Plenty of funny stories to report, but Daf throwing a smelly dildo at that landlord of the pub and Johnsy running around the bunkhouse with a semi were two of the funnier moments that I can actually mention.

The Klunker classic was surely a classic which none of us will forget! 26 blue smurfs on the piss, riding childrens bikes around the country side. Later on... Music and entertainment for lads at the Monte. There are some other stories about the day, but nothing really that eventful to mention !! (we know that’s not true, but it’s best not to talk about it on the web site –ha ha!)

A guest rider for 2011 which must get a mention was our Froggie friend Thomas Cherblanc. Thomas rode with us for the best part of the summer and became a Miggly Moo during that period. He was a legend when pissed and arguably had the best crash of 2011 whilst on the summer trip. I never forget his words “I do not remember… I fall off? I do not remember…I fall off ?” Do you remember as we waited in the woods for Thomas to regain consciousness, we sang “When a Frenchman went to the lavatory”? A lovely caring touch lads!

When the time came for Thomas to depart the club, a surprise French ride was organised. Around 30 riders showed up, all dressed as Frenchmen. Onions and Garlics draped on handlebars and stripey tops and French berets were worn by all. The Monte was done out like a French restaurant, which was superb. The night consisted of very drunken French Moos , onions being thrown from every corner and lets not forget people being set on fire with candles. I got back to Machen at 4.40am with hardly any skin on my arms, legs and chin due to the amount of falls I had on the bike during my very drunken ride home.

We then went on to the Autumn trip, which was a new fixture in the already busy Moo calendar. This saw 16 of us return to Symonds Yat following a successful summer trip up there. Another great weekend of riding and fun. A superb venue for a short break away on the bike , with a great amount of riding and a well run pub and bunkhouse.

And that was 2011…

We are so lucky to have a superb group of friends who all enjoy riding and having fun on a weekly basis like we do. The Vice captaincy was a job that I never really should have taken on this year because of work commitments etc, but it has been my pleasure to be Vice and stand in Captain for the club in 2011. I am now happy that the year has come to an end and that we have 3 superb new members to take over from me in 2012.

May I wish them all the very best for the next year and offer them my full support in any way I can. May I also remind everyone that this is not a job that you get paid for. It is a job that is difficult to manage and takes a huge amount of your personal time and effort. So to make it as easy as possible for the 3 people who are now in the position of steering us through 2012, we all need to give them our 100% support throughout the year in every way we can.

Thanks to Option, Pealy for their help throughout the year and thanks to Marty for his great work with the web site.

Thanks to Dick Turner and Jo at the Monte for their great support throughout the year. We’ve had some great nights there in 2011.

Thanks to Ashley in the T.A for his support and the food he puts on every week. Also thanks to him too for his “one for the road” drinks later on!! Great job Ash!

Thanks to the new owners of the Maenllwyd for letting me back in ! And thanks to the last owners for leaving!

But most importantly, thanks again to you all for your support in 2011.

I now am looking forward to just riding and enjoying myself with you all again next year.

Thank God it’s over…. It’s been a mission.

Over and out…..

Nice Rice Capt. Newbs.

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