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Captain Johnsy's address

19th November 2011

Out goes 2011 and in washes 2012...

Where to start...well big thanks to Daf (at least 5 ½ months last year) and to Rob for last year’s efforts in arranging and organising everything that is part of the Miggly Moos – big hand to both, I guess it’s a thankless task at times which no doubt the three of us will experience this year! Nevertheless I am deeply honoured to be elected 2012 Captain of the Miggly Moos, I’m sure there will be times during this year where I’ll think to myself – you lucky lucky b*stard!

2012 sees the introduction of 3 personnel instead of 2, with Beaker Russ Ludlow and myself. No promises of gold or money at this stage, just an honest statement in that the three of us will try our best and if our best is not good enough – that’s all you’re getting!

We have had our first debrief (For info Crockett, this is a meeting not taking your pants off) and have thought of a few ideas amongst the three of us, nothing to rock the boat, the end of the day we are a MTB club, so we’ll be adopting a “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” mentality! However we have discussed a few dates of certain events during the year and we will get them published soon...Watch this space!

Best Wishes,

Johnsy, Beaker and Russ

Onto the First Ride of 2012...Captain’s Ride

Where do I start, for the preceding few days I could think of nothing else, where was I going to take the herd on the first ride of the year? I had everything planned, the route, the pub stop-off even some jokes to amuse the herd, unfortunately I hadn’t planned for the monsoon weather that had recently hit us!

Ultimately I think the weather contributed to their only being 16 riders meeting at the Legion for 6.30 (at least that’s what I hope, otherwise I must be one unpopular guy...) For a quick name-call the following riders made it out Johnsy, Beaker, Russ Ludlow, Newbs, Crockett, Shagnasty, Tom, Griff, Jock, Budgie, Feather, Carlos, Fitman, Reg and Ant. For those of you who haven’t ridden recently, Ant hasn’t ridden for a few Wednesdays as he’s been busy on a joinery project, here’s a sneak preview...

The clock was ticking and it was time for Captain to try out the Miggly Moo attire, something old with a pair of pants and this year wouldn’t be complete without some Harry Hill glasses (complete with drawstrings).

Can I suggest that ride leaders this year have to wear the glasses at all times, during the ride, pub-stop offs and back at HQ until the ride is complete...

With visions of riding up Turners lane, the rain was falling fast, I had a rethink about the route chosen so instead opted for the forestry, after a quick uphill it was down the Quarry run onto the road and onto the Ridgeway, nothing to really comment apart from it was still raining!

From the Ridgeway, our path led us down onto the steps and then into Lisvane Woods, mistakenly or was it stupidity, once at the top of the climb I opted to go down a track that had more surface water than Tom has seen whilst working for Welsh Water for the past 30 years, this then brought us onto the Lisvane lane. At this stage everyone was soaking and looked very miserable, I made a calculated decision to take the herd onto the Maen for the safety of a couple of pints...

Once into the Maen, it was noted that a few people were missing, I believe the official stance was that they rode home (names will remain anonymous) due to the weather! Or was it to the Church House?

On entry in the Mean, Cameron (I believe his name is) brought out a washing basket and offered the chance of getting any clothes tumble dried! Third mistake of the night, I gave him my gloves and jacket, after knocking back the third swift pint, I then proceeded to put my tumble dried clothes back on and they were wetter than when I first entered the pub! We also bumped into Clarke in the Mean who was having a cheeky pint or two...

Upon leaving the Maen, it was a quick dash onto HQ, some riders opted for the forestry whilst others tried the road route into Draethen and then onto the main road, I believe Red was the quickest!

Back at HQ, it was chips and Ham time (Can’t touch this – Ham mer time!), OBE and Bread Arms had ventured out for a pint, not much to report apart from Reg taking his shirt off and showing off his WOK style belly, luckily his fitter brother Fitman captured the enclosed image for us...

That’s all for another week...

Ring Ding Ding

Johnsy AKA Harry Hill

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