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Johnsy's Report

9th May 2012

Monty Ride – by Captain Johns

20 riders braved the weather this week, no assigned ride leader this week as the format of the night was a one and only pub stop at the Monte Inn formally The Rudry Inn Hotel.

Captain and his able bodied vices took the lead this week and what a week to have the responsibility of leading the ride. All afternoon I checked the BBC Wales weather and I wasn’t going to be disappointed as when I left my house at 6.30pm the heavens literally opened up. If it wasn’t for the fact of keeping up my 100% ride record I think I could have easily spent the night in the house washing my hair!

Anyhow 18 riders met at the Legion and after waiting a little for the monsoon to stop we were on our way, up to the forestry, past the fork and then down the gravel path to the Hairy Bush. At this point I was quite tempted to have a sneaky pint stop but didn’t think the Moos would leave after one solitary pint on a wet miserable night, so we opted for the new gravel track behind the Bush and pedalled on up on our way.

Once at the top of the track we doubled back on ourselves and headed through Ruppera and onto the lane which leads to Cefn Mably. We then traversed through the farm, I seem to recall we went through this route when our illustrious vice captain Beaker took a ride a few years ago – remember his OS map at the front of his bike – what a plonker!

Once at Cefn Mably lakes it was an uphill climb all the way to the Monte along the way Scripsy called it a day which therefore left 17 riders, at this point Captain received a call from Ricey and Obe they were to meet us at the Monte as they had both been tucking into a Chinese meal to celebrate OBEs 45th birthday.

Once at the Monte the numbers then swelled to 19 for the night, on the subject of the Monte here’s a little history lesson on the subject of Rudry and the Monte pub.

Rudry is situated in a rural area at the northern apex of a triangle by Cardiff, Caerphilly and Newport. The name itself has at least three different spellings; Rudry, Rhydri as used in the Welsh language or Ruddry as on the 1843 tithe map.

There were four public houses in the Rudry, namely the Griffin Inn, the Maenlllywd Inn, the Greenmeadow Inn and the Rudry Hotel. Of these the Griffin is the oldest with recent alterations revealing medieval masonry. Being adjacent to the church one theory has it that it might have been used as a pilgrim hostel.

The Maenllwyd dates back to the 17th century and a “Mari Lwyd” once stood in the public bar. The Rudry Hotel is known locally as the Monte Carlo of Rudry or “Monte”. It acquired this nickname during the industrial era when men were paid wages at the public house and subsequently drank and gambled them away.

3-2-1 you’re back in the room, I was thankful when Dickie (Feather’s brother, not the one who likes dresses and Ice cream) brought the curry, rice and poppadoms out, as I seem to remember a recent excursion to another pub where the offer of food never materialised!!!

Several drinks and a few tunes on the juke-box later, we celebrated Obe 45th birthday with a drink-off between himself and Dickie, order was pint of Cider followed by a large Whisky. It was literally like hearing Feather speak as it took Dickie ages to consume both drinks – think Obe won by a head!

As the night drew to a close, the numbers dwindled, I seem to recall leaving the premises at around 11.30 (early for some I believe) and rode the long journey home via Tamplin’s farm.

End of an era just for the time being hopefully, those four public houses mentioned earlier only one remains currently open, over the years during my time riding with the Moos and for years before, the Moos have always been made to feel welcome at the Monte especially under Dickie and Jo, and allowed us to hold several Moo functions at the establishment – French night was a classic night...

Big thanks from all the Moos, best of luck Dickie and Jo...

Ring Ding Ding Johnsy

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