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Captain's Corner

11th April 2012

SportsNight 2 – Evenings Review

Wednesday 11th April saw the introduction of Sportsnight 2, after the success of the first Sportsnight a few weeks earlier, 21 riders arrived at Leg-Iron for a brisk 6.30pm start.

Upon arrival and paying the £2.00 entry fee, which by the way contributes to the eventual prize money for this year with 50 up for grabs for first place, 25 for second and 15 for third place, it was time for the weigh-in!

The theme of the night was relay racing in pairs around various points around the surrounding area, the pairs were to be drawn from two separate pots, one called Fatties and one called Skinnies, the weigh in was to decide which pot each rider was to be placed in.

The weigh in was conducted, notable weights included Daf who stripped down to his pants and still weighed in over 15 stone, Berni with his guns took him over the 13 stone mark, Russ AKA Bag of Leaves broke the 17st barrier and Crock managed just to shade the 9st weight fully clothed on his bike!

Some interesting pairs took shape in the form of Pealy & Taff, Russ & Julian, Dode & Shag, Spindles and Ade (how did Ade make the fatties pot?), Daff and Fitman, Simon & Budgie, Obe & Crock, Berni & Feather, Tom & Griff, Scripsy & Dai and Reg on his own...

The first race started at the bottom of Tuners lane just under the tunnel, the 2nd leg riders made their way up the hill with Vice Beaker & Russ and the 1st stage riders stayed with Captain. After a short delay, bang it was off, Ade pitted himself against Griff, Scrippsy and Dode, unfortunately that was the last I seen of the riders as I brought up the rear making sure no rider was left behind. At exactly the half way point 0.8 miles to be precise the first team member handed the baton to their partner to finish the leg, by all accounts it was a close call but I do believe Ade and Spindles finished first!

The second race of the night started at the top cattle grid (top of Turners), right through the next cattle grid and then onto the main gate (just after Rob Edwards turnoff) the baton would then be handed to 2nd leg rider who had an upwards sprint to the last gate before the tips. Again I was marshalling the riders at the back and didn’t get to see any of the action, however I’m reliable informed that Ex-Captain Pealy rode like a mad man, cutting every other ride up and was the first rider to hand the baton over, alas the 2nd stage eventually went to Ade and Spindles!

One extra entrant arrived late at this point Ex Ex Ex Captain Knotwit, Reg was happy as he was paired with Steve, by all accounts Steve was too embarrassed to join the weigh in as he felt fully clothed he would have definitively topped the 20 stone mark – oohhh big boy Steve!

Onto the 3rd stag, this was a dash along the tips to hand over to the 2nd rider who could either attempt the drop over the tips or opt for the chicken run, mixed bag this one for everyone as quite a few riders opted for the chicken run, just for the record Captain Johns went straight over the top – best conditions for the tip down in ages... Getting a bit boring now as Spindles/Ade were the quickest again on this stage!

4th Stage here we come, this was a quick spring from the tips to the trig point handing over the baton at the half way stage, good burst of speed was shown by the majority of riders, however Spindles/Ade stole the show again!

5th stage was the bonus round, earlier on after the initial weigh in a can of Strongbow was handed to each rider, this stage would see them run around the mast then bolt the can and pass baton onto the 2nd rider who would replicate the proceedings. Funny that this round was won by Pealy & Taff showing you don’t have to be as fit as a Fitman to compete at the top table of mountain bike riding!

The rules for the 6th stage were them explained to the entrants, this was going to be a mad dash from the top of the mast to the TA, but teams had to arrive over the finishing line in their pairs and not their own ... Unfortunately Pealy and Taff couldn’t replicate their winning ways and finished the last leg in last but one place, again the dream team pairing of Spindles/Ade came home first again.

With everyone home safely, it was time to replenish the lost salt and minerals with a few hard earned amber nectors, results included in first place Spindles and Ade, second place Tom and Griff, third place Russ and Julian and bringing up the rear as he normally does was Scripsy and Dai Eye. A celebratory drink for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and last place were consumed along with Julian’s 18th Birthday drink which part of was boffed onto the floor – strange as there were no carrots in the food on offer yet they appeared on the floor?

On a final note - Big thanks goes to Ashley and Jennifer who over the past year or so have provided food for us on a Wednesday night and have supported the Moos whereas possible, best of luck for the future...

Here’s to the next Sportsnight...

Ring Ding Ding Johnsy

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