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Captain Johnsy's address

14th March 2012

Sports Night 1 - Dot to Dot

Definition of Dot to Dot

Connect the dots, also known as dot to dot or join the dots is a form of puzzle containing a sequence of numbered dots. When a line is drawn connecting the dots the outline of an object is revealed. The puzzles often contain simple line art to enhance the image created or to assist in rendering a complex section of the image.

Connect the dots puzzles are generally created for children. The use of numbers can be replaced with letters or other symbols.

Definition of Miggly Moo Dot to Dot

To visit as many pre-determined around the Machen area, answering as many questions as possible, with the odd pint thrown in for good measure!

The Night...

21 contestants met 6.30ish at the Legion, as always Crocket was late, first job of the night was to randomly put the Moos into pairs or groups of two, some interesting pairings popped up like Gaz & Jonny Fitman, Nice Ant & Big Mike and Scripsy & Blackcurrant Ruben (aka Julian).

At 6.50 Vices and myself briefed out the plan, map and questions were distributed and everyone was informed to be back at HQ no later than 21:00 hours. Which direction would contestants take? Would anyone take up the offer of consuming a pint in either the Forge or Bush with 5 points on offer for each pint downed?

Nearest question was the Indian takeaway “What are the main ingredients make up a Goste Jalali curry?” think the man behind the counter thought it was his lucky night with all the Moos entering the shop and either asking for a menu!

Same can be said about Sally in the SPAR – “How much is a bottle of 500 ml Coke” everyone enquired...

Every team went about their way with some opting for Turners Lane, some opting for the Draethen and some wondering how many Beer Tokens they could collect!

Vice Ludlow went in Turners Direction, Vice Wherlock opted for the Forge and Captain Johns headed to Ruppera Woods!

On my way around I passed Dai the Eye and Clarkey along with Bag of Leaves and Shagnasty, after following them up to the Roman turret, I thought it would be best to check on whether or not the Hollybush had enough beer tokens to hand out as Big Mike was seen entering the place...

Well you would have never have thought it was Beaker’s idea to reward people with five pints for each pint! At on stage I thought there were more Moos in the pub than out on the course? Also nice to see no one using their mobile phone to extract answers from other locations!!!

For me it was then a quick dash back to the HQ with Vice Beaker, after meeting up with Vice Ludlow picture quiz questions were handed out to all teams after the 9pm curfew, unfortunately for a few teams so did not make it back in time and therefore incurred a 2 point penalty for each minute they were late!

Once all papers were in, Pasta was the order of the menu for the night, washed down with a few pints, results to be announced next Wednesday – got a feeling Big Mike’s team might be in with a shout as they consumed 25 pints between them!!! (Only joking).

All in all, the three of us hope that everyone who took part in event had a good time, here’s looking forward to Sportsnight2 next month!

Ring Ding Ding


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