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Captain Johnsy's address

15th February 2012

Food for Thought!

This week’s ride adopted a slight change with the ride leader responsibilities taken by Captain and the Vices, another change was to see the ride finish in the Maenllywd as it was Cameron’s (Bar Manager) leaving doo...

With all the T’s & I’s being crossed and dotted respectively all the arrangements were in place for a cone-off change of scenery, food had been arranged, Ashley had been informed about the change of route and all the Moos had been emailed and text’d for the change in ride plans – surely nothing could go wrong?

Over 20 hungry riders gathered at the Legion for the start of the ride, Beaker donned the pants, Captain donned the glasses and Russ herded the group into place, let the ride begin!

The herd set off up Turners lane, right under the Viaduct, up past our Marks and Phil’s parents house, sure I heard someone laughing as we rode passed. Once onto the Cwm, we traversed up Velvet and onwards up through the Bus Stops, Once onto the clearing it was up through the gravel path and onto the tips.

At this point Captain received a phone-call from the Owgies, who were both running late and wanted to know our whereabouts, the reason for their lateness – when they were riding down the cycle path Phil spotted a rabbit and Mark wanted to be shown the best way to skin it, here’s some pictures captured by our Mark...

One last climb and we arrived at the Marrrrrrrrrrrrrst (in Beakers words), once there a further Moo appeared Chris Captain Carlos, the reason for his lateness was that earlier on in the day he had purchased a slab of 24 Strongbow, once he had drunk one he had to finish the rest.

From the Maaaaarrrrst we headed down Ade’s 74 turn trail which turned out to be very dry, big hand must go to Harty (nice to see you riding before your op) as his knees must have took a pounding from all those turns, still I think he was still quicker than Crockett – does that say much?

At the bottom we headed past Newbs and Pealys house – Once on the main road thanks must go to Pealy who brought up the rear acting as a beacon to the traffic with his hi-vis jacket on, very sensible idea!

Herd rode on thorough the swamp and onto Rhid-y-gwern lane where we met the two Skinner brothers (Owgies) fresh from there kill! Onwards up to clearing, again big thanks goes to Pealy as his new hi-vis jacket has enabled him to bring up the rear on all his recent rides...

On the way up the through the forestry it was at this point we lost a few riders, Captain asked the breakaway group to check “how the food was getting on in the Maen” as the herd were no doubt hungry after the nights ride...

At the top Beaker informed us about his new trail he had been building for the past few weeks, turns out the Super Cider Sunday Crew have known about this trail for weeks, nevertheless we all gave it a go and it turned out to be a little gem, one for the future no doubt with a little loving trail building elbow grease!

The new trail placed us at the bottom of the Carling drop so from this point it was a mad dash on the road to the Maen, let the night begin...

Once inside the Maen, the beer started to flow, Moos were having banter whilst we were awaiting concise details of what food was going to be brought before us... Mmmmmmmm

At this point Captain took his Moo Jersey off to reveal his new T-Shirt, the Maen must have caught wind of this T-shirt and thought that this was the general feeling of all Moos within the establishment with our food order somehow getting mislaid in the kitchen...

Think the Moos took the news of no food extremely well, no one moaned and the herd were happy enough to purchase nuts and crisps to suppress any hunger pains!

Several pints later the Maen called time and it was left a mad dash back to the village through the forestry, don’t think there were any reported incidents of any accidents, think myself and Beaker just about made it home – Beaker especially after having several pints of well known Praha larger onboard– Strap On!

Ah well something different for a Wednesday night, Next week ride is our Marks so more the merrier!

Happy Days,
Johnsy (Tw*t of the month for February)

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