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Newbury's Report

25th April 2012

ADE’S Ride Taken by Vice Russ

Scheduled ride tonight was to be led by Ade, unfortunately Ade passed a text message onto the Captain that he couldn’t lead the ride as he lost MTB helmet and couldn’t find it anywhere in his house...

Never mind at least he gave me 10 minutes notice as the text message came through 6.21pm, at short notice Captain Johns was thinking of a ride more suited to the wet conditions, upon meeting Vice Russ at the legion, Vice suggested that a pub crawl of some format was best suite, the rider shorts were therefore passed onto Russ.

16 Riders braved the elements, even Gaz was heard as stating “Good night for a pub ride tonight”, so it was upwards into the woods to get out of the wintry showers, at the top of the woods Russ led the way and informed everyone to meet on the lane half way down, for some reason 12 other Moos completed the quarry run and somehow lost 4 riders?

After a quick climb through the quarry and through a new section on one of the faces, the herd numbers was back to 16 inside the comfort and warmth of the Maen. A quick pint was consumed by all and it was onwards and upwards onto Rudry common.

As we left the establishment, I noticed that Jock and Simon had some difficulty putting their respective camelbacks on, not one to leave them behind I stayed and helped but unfortunately got detached from the remainder of the group. In good Miggly Moo fashion rather than hold the group up the three of us made our way through the avalanche of rain onto the Monty. Once inside several other Moos must have had problems with their camelbacks as Crocket, Ex Rice Captain and Obe were at the bar ordering their pints!

Several minutes later the rest of the herd arrived, after completing Rudry common and along the side of some mountain trail designed by Feather or so we are led to believe – ZZZZzzzzzzzz

This was to be a one pint stop, it was then onto the Forge and Hammer, once inside a few Moos gathered around the portable heater which gives our as much heat as Crockett’s smelly breath – oohh Clifford Poof!

Again after the refreshment it was time to frequent HQ to sample some of the new cuisine on offer, this week it was chilli and rice, with chips and nacho’s. Beaker wants to say big thanks as it’s the second week running he’s had a LATE NIGHT FISH SUPPER....in the TA.

On the subject of the TA, the Moos would like to give a warm welcome to Sam, we wish you well in your new venture and trust you will continue to support the Moos as we will continue to support you.

All the best for the Future!

Hopefully no camelback trouble next week for any riders!

Ring Ding Ding


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