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Captain Johnsy's address

29th February 2012

Options Ride

This week’s ride leader was our very own Mr Oompa Lumpa...

I spoke to the ride leader two days before the ride, all the necessary planning had been done and in his words “it was just a matter of crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s” – what could possibly go wrong?

On the morning of the ride Captain Johns again made contact with Oompa Lumpa James, “no need to worry Captain, tonight will be a cracker of a ride with a few good old fashioned pints to end with”...

Unfortunately I received a phone-call at 6.28pm from Mr Willy Wonka, he regrettably informed me that the Oompa Lumpas had fallen behind on a large Easter Order for a Mr G.Davies, it had to be completed Wednesday Night without fail...

Unfortunately Oompa Lumpa James whose job is the Quality Control Technician was needed to complete the order, therefore he could not lead his ride...

Late in the day to be rescheduling a ride, Captain Johns had a word with his vices and quickly knocked up an alternative ride... Here goes!

Around 16 riders departed the Legion at 6.45, headed up to the forestry and then down Broke Back, quite a few riders turned their noses up at this first hurdle – you know who you are!

Onwards and upwards it was up to the start of the quarry run, from here it was down to the Maen car-park and onto Lisvane Woods, from here it was a quick up and a down and then onto a new section of woods that took us into the Draethen and conveniently into the Bush...

A breakaway group had now formed and left the establishment, for the mass it was three pints and then a quick blast back to HQ for some well earned Wonka Bars...

Thanks to the TA for the new menu and the new addition of the fire, also talk of one Real Ale being available each week – watch this space...

Perhaps Oompa Lumpa James can take his ride again when the factory have completed Mr G.Davies Easter order...

Good luck in finding the Golden Ticket Mr Davies...

Ring Ding Ding,


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